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The Program of CIEA 2010

25th April, Gaudeamus Hotel

The arrival and the registration of the participants, Gaudeamus Hotel
1930: Rector’s Welcome Dinner, Gaudeamus Restaurant, „Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iasi

26 April, The Senate Hall

0900-1000: The registration of the participants
1000-1130: The official opening of the conference

Keynote speakers:
Prof. dr. Vasile ISAN, Rector, „Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University, Iasi, RO
The spokesman from The Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sports
The spokesman from The Romanian Patriarchy
The spokesmen from the local authorities
Prof. dr. Gary E. MILLER, International Adult and Continuing Education Hall of Fame, Outreach University, USA
Prof. dr. Romita IUCU, Prorector, Bucharest University, RO
Prof. dr. Irina MOROIANU ZLATESCU, Director, The Romanian Institute for the Human Rights, RO
Prof. dr. Ing. Božena MANNOVÁ, Czech Technical University, CZ
Prof. dr. Ion DAFINOIU, Dean, Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences, „Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University, Iasi, RO

The report of the Third International Conference on Adult:
Prof. dr. Laurentiu SOITU, IEC Director, „Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University, Iasi, RO

1130-1200: Coffee break

UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL) Book exposition
IRDO Book exposition

1200-1330: Plenary session
Moderators: prof. dr. Ioan NEACSU, prof. dr. Ion IANCU, prof. dr. Laurentiu SOITU

Romita IUCU, Gabriela CODOREAN, Teachers' Educator In Roumania. A Quality approach

Maria THEODOSOPOULOU, Vana PAPALOIS, Speech Maps: A New Research and Communication Tool in Adult Education

Daniela GRAMA, Mihaela Mioara MIREA, Prof. dr. Ion IANCU, Mihai GABROVEANU, On Specific Methods of Communication Technologies and Performance - Individual/Collective

Carmen CRETU, Nicoleta COROERU-ROGOZ, Diana CHIHAIA, Oana CHISALITA, REPLAY. 3D Gaming Platform and its Usage in Psychopedagogical Counseling in Schools for Influencing the Behaviour of Youngsters

Stefan COLIBABA, Cezar Gabriel VRINCEANU, In-CLASS and LaProf: European Projects Serving Businesses and Labour Market

Constantin CUCOS, A New Framework and Adult learning Environment – the Virtual Community

Elena-Adriana TOMULETIU, Doina DAVID, Social and Professional Vulnerability of Adults in the Information Society

Sorin Vlad PREDESCU, Social Capital Extension in Adult Education – a Critical Perspective

Cristiana Catalina CICEI, The importance of New Communication Technologies in working Processes. Opportunities and Challenges in utilizing Virtual Teams and Organizations

1310-1330: Conclusions

1330-1500: Lunch break, Gaudeamus Restaurant

1500- 1630: Plenary session
Moderators: prof. dr. Romita IUCU, dr. Maria THEODOSOPOULOU, conf. dr. Adina PESCARU

Ioan NEACSU, Today’s Youth and the Information Society – Professional Development Contextual Radiographs and Meanings

Constantin DRAM, Robinson Project

Roxana ENACHE, Adina PESCARU, The Reflection of the Informatics Society Requirements in Education

Iolanda TOBOLCEA, Adina KARNER-HUTULEAC, The Use of Computer Based Technology in Modern Speech Therapy

Anca Olga ANDRONIC, Razvan-Lucian ANDRONIC, NTI and the career counceling

Magda-Elena SAMOILA, Mirela DRACINSCHI, Developing Skills for Adults in the Information Society

Laura MALITA, Catalin MARTIN, Approaching the Labour Market in the European Educational Environment. Recommendations, Trends and Comparative Examples Identified in Lajost Research Project

Cristina CHELARU, Education & Competitiveness on labor market. Developing new skills with Visual Builder

1610-1630: Conclusions

1630-1700: Coffee break

1700-1830: Plenary session
Moderators: prof. dr. Ing. Božena MANNOVÁ, prof. dr. Carmen CRETU, conf. dr. Iolanda TOBOLCEA

Božena MANNOVÁ , Education of Seniors’ Educators

Irina DIMITRIU, Motivation Role for Long Life Learning in the Knowledge Society

Roxana Maria GHIATAU, Roxana CRIU, Linking teacher evaluation and students’ performances. The contributions of information-statistical systems

Adina PESCARU, Roxana ENACHE, The Challenges of Implementing New Informatics Technologies in the Educational System

Elena-Lucia PETRESCU, Anca COLIBABA, Stefan COLIBABA, Strategies and Means of Implementation to enhance Lifelong Learning

Maria-Iuliana DASCALU, Melania COMAN, Lenuta DASCALU, A Model for Continuing Education through Periodic Adaptive E-Assessment

Elena-Madalina HORDILA-VATAMANESCU, The Social and Cultural Impact of the New Media on Communication Accommodation

1830-1900: Conclusions

1930: Reception under the patronage of the Moldova and Bucovina Metropolitan Church, Iustin Moisescu Hall

27 April, Senate Hall

HOF Symposium: Preparing the workforce for the information Society.
Partner: The International Adult and Continuing Education, Hall of Fame, Outreach University, SUA.

0900-0915: Introduction (Prof. dr. Laurentiu Soitu, HOF 2008)

0915-1015: Confronting the Information Society: Elements of Social Transformation
Hall of Fame panelists Boucouvalas, Kasworm, Miller, and Soitu will describe key changes in society and educational practice that have taken place during their careers as adult educators.

1015-1045: Social Transformation: Implications for Practice
A dialog with Hall of Fame panelists and conference participants about the major forces reshaping society as a result of the Information Revolution and the implications for adult and continuing education.

1045-1100: Coffee break

1100-1200: Trends in Adult Higher Education: New Possibilities for preparing the Information Workforce (Carol E. KASWORM, HOF 2002)
This session will examine the role of adult higher education as a key force in enhancing the knowledge economy workforce. Dr. Kasworm will discuss evolving roles for adult higher education, considering the challenges of initial and continuing workforce enhancement; cyclical access and participation by adults; and the role of knowledge creation through critically reflective engagements.

1200-1330: Lunch break, Gaudeamus Restaurant

1330-1430: Collaboration versus Competition: Trends in Online Learning for Workforce Development (Gary E. MILLER, HOF 2004)
This session will explore how distance education has evolved from its roots in the Industrial Revolution to meet the changing needs of adult learners in the Information Revolution. Dr. Miller will look at how online learning is stimulating new relationships among institutions and employers to prepare the workforce for the Knowledge Economy.

1430-1445: Coffee break

1445-1545: Work in the Information Age Society: Past as Prologue to the Future in Understanding our Transformational Times (Marcie BOUCOUVALAS, HOF 2003)
Embracing a past-present-future framework, Dr. Boucouvalas invites participants on a journey and into a dialogue about the meaning of the “information society” and “work” in that context to illuminate the difference between change and transformation. A tour through history of previous societal transformations sheds light on the challenges to our professions in helping both adults and society grow into our future.

1545-1630: Conclusions

1700-1900: Trip to Bucium monastery, Iasi

1930: Reception under the patronage of the mayor of Iasi, Bucium Motel

28 April, Conference Hall, Hotel Akademos

International Symposium The Human Rights and the Labor Force Legislation.
Partner: The Romanian Institute for Human Rights (IRDO)

0900-0915: Introduction: prof. dr. Irina MOROIANU ZLATESCU, Director, The Romanian Institute for Human Rights

0915-1200: Economic, social and cultural rights

1200-1330: Lunch break, Akademos Restaurant

1330-1430: Equality of chances and treatment in the field of the work relationships

1430-1445: Coffee break

1445-1530: The right to work in jurisprudence: prof. dr. Monna-Lisa MAGDO BELU, judge at the High Court of Cassation and Justice, judge Georgeta PAVELESCU, President of the Labour Disputes Section, the Court of Appeal Iasi, Marius MOCANU, scientific researcher

1530-1600: General discussion

1600-1630: Conclusions and recommendations

1630: The ending discussion

1700-1900: City tour Iasi

1930: Reception under the patronage of the President of Iasi County Council, Bolta Rece Restaurant

28 April, Conference Hall, Hotel Akademos

Doctoral Consortium
Moderators: prof. dr. Carol KASWORM, prof. dr. Constantin CUCOS, prof. dr. Dan CRISTEA, prof. dr. Dinu AIRINEI

0900-0930: General presentations

0930-1030: Working session

Doris ANUSI, Patricia Cynthia ANAJUBA, Gloria EMERENINI, Providing E-Learning Capacity training Courses to Teachers working in Early Child Care Centres. A Case Study

Nicoleta LITOIU, Teodora CHICIOREANU, Evaluation of technical universities teachers and students’ educational needs – curriculum perspective and case study

Flaminiu Ionut NICULA, Teachers’ Professional Development – the Main Scope of Evaluation Practices

Georgeta Rafila JURCAN, The validation of the learning results

Razvan-Lucian ANDRONIC, Anca Olga ANDRONIC, Volunteering and Continuing Education in Romania

1030-1100: Coffee break

1100-1200: Working session

Mirela Claudia DRACINSCHI, Methodological Landmarks of Doctoral Research Project: “Design and Benefits of Personal Development Programs for Children

Irina MACIUC, Mihaela Aurelia STEFAN, Blended Learning and Self Organized Learning, Key Issues in Adult Education

Diana Catalina CHIHAIA, Collaborative learning in Virtual Environment

Carmen ROTARU, Outdoor Education and Virtual Reality – Nature versus Technology

Elena ADUMITROAIE, New information technologies and labor migration

Csilla LUKÁCS, Zoltán NAGY, Adult Education in The Society for the Dissemination of Scientific Knowledge

1200-1330: Lunch break, Akademos Restaurant

1330-1430: Working session

Ioana CRETU, Developing Language and Communication Skills for Ethical Professional Interactions in Medicine through Foreign Language Teaching

Luminita NAZARE, Importance of Comunication in Local Economic Development (L.E.D.) Process

Kameshwar Prasad SINGH, Ashok ORAON, Asha SINGH, Folk Literature – An instrument for promotion of Adult Education in India

Zlatka PETROVA KASANDROVA, Mediation and Probation – Training Practices for solving Problems with Deviant Children

Oana-Paula ZAHARIA, Teens Education for Conflict Management

Liliana CISMARIU, The successful entrepreneur in the economic context

1430-1500: Coffee break

1500-1545: Debates

1545-1630: Conclusions

1700-1900: City tour Iasi

1930: Reception under the patronage of the President of Iasi County Council, Bolta Rece Restaurant

29 Aprilie: