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The International Conference on Adult Education became a major forum for scientific and legislative exchange, for presenting research results on continuing and adult education.

The ICAE is organized once every four years and the first edition, in 2002, dedicated to “Institutions of Adult Education” was followed in 2006 by the “Legislation and Context in Adult Education” which made the subject of the second conference. The third Conference, in 2010, will bring to discussions a new and essential aspect of nowadays’ education: “Preparing the Workforce for the Information Society”.

The 3rd ICAE conference will be organized by “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iasi and International Continuing and Adult Education, Hall of Fame in the city of Iasi, Romania and will join the manifestations dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the university.

This year’s conference has the advantage of a good knowledge in the area of European and International documents regarding education policy, as well as in CONFINTEA I-V and the preparation documents of CONFINTEA VI, whose main idea is that continuing adult education is one of the fundamental human rights.