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Iasi, Romania April 25th27th, 2018
Chisinau, Moldova - April 27th28th, 2018
Stimulating the debates regarding:

In 2018 Romania will celebrate – as other countries in the region – 100 years since the creation of the unitary and independent state, as a result of the battle for national emancipation of the people. Three great multinational empires disintegrated and the people formerly oppressed formed unitary states that became subjects of the law of nations. For the first time, Europe considered the principle of national self-determination. The event will emphasize even more the idea of European unity by achieving some common works centered on the need for cultivating the superior, everlasting values: the European idea of adult education, continuity and discontinuity in adult education – with highlighting the elements of continuity – unity and diversity – with a focus on unity. Our concern will become significant by identifying some ways of training the superior behaviors and attitudes – starting from valorizing the traditions, the experiences of history and offering selection criteria/ principles and assuming the effects.

Education and values. Historical, methodological and epistemological approaches

Politics and strategies of the education for values

ICT and axiology