The First International Conference on Adult Education
Institutions of Adult Education
Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, Iasi, Romania
26-28 April 2002


Laurenţiu Şoitu, Argumentum

Horst Siebert, Constructivism an Epistemological Change

Milka Atanasova, European Master Programme: Management of Adult Education

Laurenţiu Şoitu, AERC University Programmes: European Master "Management of Adult Education", Master in "Adult Education" and "Conflict Mediation"

Ioan Neacsu, Adult Learning between Individual Psychology and Institutional Logic

Dietrich Eggert, Ioan Dafinoiu, Counselling Support in Adult Education

Susanne Hermeling, BILDUNG - the Freedom of the Educated

Venera Cojocariu, ODL Difficulties in Bacau University

Maria Ileana Carcea, Continuous Self-Development Strategies for the Teacher from the Higher Education System

Aurel Papari, The Personality of the Educational Manager

Serban Iosifescu, Trainers Training for Adult Education

Otilia Dandara, The Role of Interactive Techniques in the Development of the Didactic Personnel

Daniela Terzi, Improvement of Adult Teaching through the Andragogical Model

Mihai Caramihai, LEONARDO DA VINCI Community Vocational Training Programme. Second Phase (2000 - 2006)

Gabriel Saulescu Savopol, "DELCIS: Distance Education for Librarians: Creating an Information-Competent Society"

Mihai Stanciu, Permanent Training of the Teaching Staff Assisted by Computer

Georgeta Chirlesan, Dumitru Chirlesan, European Pedagogical College for Adult Education and Training

Emilia Tiganus, YATG-Young Adult Target Group

Liliana Rujanu, Doina Buraga, Open Learning - a Modern Method in Adult Education

Nicolae Dascalu, Cultural-Missionary Institute "Trinitas", Lifelong Learning Centre

Anton Despinescu, The Necessity of Religious Education

Andra Seceleanu, Religion, Communication and Education

Daniel Vulliamy, Lifelong Learning: A Third Way in Education?

Daniela-Tatiana Gīrleanu-Soitu, The Old's Education

Adriana Cīmpean, Rural Institutions of Adult Education

Valentin Cosmin Blāndul, The Human Being - A Permanent Learner

Florica Ortan, LLL Today - Realities and Perspectives

Zeno Gozo, Family Education

Maria Pavelescu, Parent Education

Niculae Cristea, The School Institution in the Pre-university Education - User and Provider of Adult Education

Tatiana Cartaleanu, Olga Cosovan, The Developing of Writing Abilities in the Trainings with the Teachers

Vasile Guzganu, Adriana Petrea, Vocational Integration of the Young with Special Education Needs

C. Samuil, I. V. Ciurea, V. Vintu, G. Jitareanu, M. Stanciu, Regional University Office of Agricultural Consultancy

I.M. Mihai, M. Enescu, Heuristic Thinking Incitation with Abysal and Cosmic Themes on a Efficient Permanent Education

Manfred Buhl, New Developments in Adult Education in Northrhine Westfalia - Presentation of the Project "Intercultural Learning in Small Enterprises"

Mariana Jurian, Romanian Audiovisual Politics Regarding Adult Education

George Pruteanu, Television - A systematic Generator of Violence and Kitsch

Veronica Ghica, Experimental Study on the Effects of the Television

Dumitru Dulgheru, A Definition of Communication in the Context of New Technologies

Carmen Buda, Services and Actions regarding the Integration of Rroma Population on the Labour Market

Nicolae Cuta, Intergenerational Learning for the Democratic Citizenship

Maria-Ionela Bulau, Adult Education and Citizenship Participation

Maria Gavrila, The Development of Counseling Services in the Framework of Adult Education

Angela Musca, Models and Programs for Family Counseling

Aurora Adina Ignat, Counseling Programs for Parents

Diana Grigoras - Achiri, Adults' Metacognitive Development Strategies

Maria Stoea, The Social Partnership and Dialogue - Exigencies of Adult Education

Maria Angheluta, Between Tradition and Modernity in Adult Education

Oana Ciuchi, Communication in Interaction with other Psychological Processes

Rodica Zimbru, Adult Education Nowadays - an Open Gate between Past and Future