The Second International Conference on Adult Education
Legislation and Context in Adult Education
Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, Iasi, Romania
7-9 September 2006


Laurenţiu Soitu, Argumentum

Antoaneta Tanasescu, Gabriela Stoica, Oppressing Romanian Language in the Audio-Visual Media

Elena-Adriana Cîmpean, The Cultural House - The Legislative Context and the Institutional Evaluation

Valentin Cosmin Blândul, Characteristic Features of Didactic Process in Adults Formation

Diana Szasz, The European Framework for the Adult Educator Qualifications

Dinesh Panjwani, Reach the reachable rightly: a process of research-oriented development of an adult education program based on public welfare system

Daniela-Tatiana Gîrleanu-Soitu, Cultural Contexts of Adult Counseling

Serban Iosifescu, Professionalization of the Educator - Needed Guidelines

Doina Oltean, Continuing Education in Organizations: Programs for Human Development

Florentina Adriana Druta, Contemporary education of adults through television

Dumitru Stan, Adulthood - Temporal Localisation, Social Roles and Educational Priorities

Elizabeth Fichez, Virtual Campuses in France: What's happening on the Ground?

Georgeta Chirlesan, Dumitru Chirlesan, Introducing ECTS in LLL - an actual challenge

Georgeta Chirlesan, Dumitru Chirlesan, Wesley Hamilton, Learning dispositions and the epic methodology

Michele Gellereau, Pedagogy and Interpretation in the Valorization of the Patrimony

Teodor Cozma, Simona Butnaru, Nicoleta Popa, The Resources and the Development of the Intercultural Competence of the Romanian Teachers

Liliana Rujanu, Elvira Rotundu, Arguments for and against lifelong learning

Liliana Stan, Assuring the Quality of Education - Present Priority in Training

Elena Narcisa Fetescu, Training Adult Trainers in Education for Democratic Citizenship

Maria Ileana Carcea, The Problem of Continuing Adult Education in Professional Context

Maria Niculescu, Organizational Culture and Leadership

Rodica Zimbru, Life Long Learning - Education or Training?

Ovidiu Streanga, Conflicts in the Romanian Railway Company

Carmen Tîru, Andragogical View over the Evaluation in Romanian Context

Margarita Tereseviciene, Ligija Kaminskiene, Vaiva Zuzeviciute, Lithuanian case study: constructing context for adult education. Towards multiculturalworld future

Vasile Molan, The motivation for professional development

Virginia Smarandita Braescu, The Temporalities of Mediation

Mihaela (Chraif) Popa, The benchmarking -towards a european qualification framework for lifelong learning

Gabriel Saulescu, The quality in education - "Qualitedu"

Emilia Saulescu, On the way towards a Europe for all ages

Simona Capatan, Womback- adaptation of the permanent training for women wishing to re-enter the labour market

Aurora Tiganus, Lingue in piazza - promoting the possibilities of learning a european language autonomously

Lavinia Coman, Today's young adults integration in the european society of tomorrow

Sava Fetescu, Distance Learning - an Alternative to Training Future Physical Education and Sports Teachers

Florin Constantin Domunco, Youth and value dilemma of transition comparative analysis

Gianina Ana Masari, Theoretical and practical reasons for parents' education of gifted underachievers

Ioan Neacsu, Motivation with adults: signposts for a qualitative-pragmatic Psychoeducational discourse

Simona Sava, Romanian Strategic Elements Regarding the Education and Continuing Education

Livia Durac, Adult Education: Characteristics, Opportunities, Attitudes, Legal Perspectives

Vasile Arhire, TVR Iassy Contributions to the Public Education of the Moldavian Region through Partnerships

Andra Seceleanu, Media Culture and Tele-Phenomenon

Mircea Ilinca, Tiberius Dumitru, Ioan Hariton, Technology of Information and the Continuing Education

Veronica Popescu, Perspectives regarding the role of the trainer of the future adult's education

Catalin Stirbu, Catalina Stirbu, Internet - A New Lifestyle for Adults